Sunday, March 13, 2011

Too deep

It's been a life-pondering day.

It began with my study on the physiology of the brain.  I have a test next week (the Monday after spring break, btw) so I'm trying to get an hour of studying in every day while on vacation.  As I was reading, I found out that we have no actual perception of reality.  Depending on how our neurons are firing will give us our individual perception of how real life actually is.  This makes mental health problems all too real for those diagnosed.  And makes me feel as though we are living in a "Matrix."

Then there is the ocean.  It is huge.  A gigantic, powerful body of water stretching farther than any human can see.  Not only that, but think of the population under the water.  The thousands of feet under water where life continues to exist, unknowingly to us.  The many different species that we are unaware of.  And with the current disaster it has caused, one can only sit back in awe (and a bit of fright).  Today as we were driving down Highway 101 and the waves were only yards from my car, I could do nothing but feel a sense of attraction and anxiety.  The ocean scares me.

How big life is.  We are unable to explain it all.  There are so many realms that we aren't even remotely aware of.  We can only comprehend as much as our human brains are capable of, and see how intricate they are!  

It's been a day.  A long day.  

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  1. I ponder these thoughts and am always wondering how all the intricateness of the modern life I experience came into existence. I stand in awe at each piece and realize how it's all very fragile, except we exist... you and I, by the grace of God. I'm very thankful. Blessings for your trip and all your journeys... <3


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