Monday, March 7, 2011

It's Monday...

It's Monday.  You can tell it's nearly spring break since most of my classes have reduced in size.  No one really wants to go, everyone is discouraged.  It appears to be a really terrible semester for most people.  And after this darn flu and being out of school for nearly a week, my grades are suffering.  I got a 73 on my Organic Chemistry test, a result of not really caring about that test.  I have a serious case of senioritis and I'm still a year away from graduating.  This could be a difficult year..

On a happy note, I made another trip to the craft store yesterday.  Since I've been sick I pretty much plowed through a good chunk of my supplies so I had to restock a little.  I'm so excited to get to work on some new projects.  They include sets of dish cloths, something neat with wine bottles (which will be a surprise for later when I actually figure it out) and soap, at some point.

My bedroom is incredibly boring in comparison to the rest of my house.  I have a beautiful comforter but never really had much to put on the walls.  I've been looking at these cute little yarn wreaths that people have been making like crazy lately, so I found a tutorial over at Take Heart and made on myself!  It's currently above our bed and I'm awfully proud of it.

I think my favorite part is the little felt flowers.  I'll probably add a few more elements to the wreath, but for now I just wanted something on that empty wall!


  1. I LOVE that wreath! It's super adorable. :)

  2. Thanks!! I love it too :) I'm adding a few more flowers to the top tonight!


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