Monday, March 7, 2011

Meet on Monday

Through CouponQueen over at Living on Less I've found about "Meet me on Monday" by Java at Never Growing Old which is a neat way to get to know other bloggers through five questions every week.  Here goes!

1.  What is your favorite way to eat potatoes?
2.  What was the last package that was delivered to your house?
3.  What is your favorite scent that you love to smell?
4.  Do you smoke?
5.  Are your parents married or divorced?


1.  Wow, this couldn't have been a better question.  I absolutely love potatoes and my favorite way is fried with a little salt, pepper, garlic and... poppyseed dressing.  I will eat potatoes in any form, but this definitely takes the cake.

2.  Lye.  I'm trying to embark on soap making so I ordered lye through Amazon since that was the cheapest and easiest way to find it.  Unfortunately it's been sitting in my workspace ever since and still needs to get some use.  I still need a big stainless steel pot before I can get down to the soap so if anyone has a spare.....

3.  This is nearly impossible.  Probably the Co-op.  It reminds me of growing up a somewhat "hippie" lifestyle.  I think it's the soap.

4.  Once in a blue moon and mostly hookah if I do.

5.  Married--for 23 years!


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