Wednesday, March 16, 2011


After three days of nearly non-stop driving, we have finally made it to a resting place for a few days.  San Luis Obispo, a university town (as if I could actually fully escape school, right?) is a beautiful place full of plenty of adventures.  And it's where Erik's cousin lives, so we're able to visit and have a free bed.

I experienced San Francisco for the first time yesterday.  We rode into the city on BART, the bay area transportation system.  It was fun to enjoy public transportation again, since I haven't done that since living in Germany.  We spent the day with my friend Jasmine and her boyfriend which was great.  Within the first five minutes, she and Erik became members of Greenpeace due to the volunteers working on the street corner (they were not prostitutes, just so you're aware).  A true San Franciscan moment ;).

San Luis is great.  Warm and with plenty of hiking, climbing and thrift store shopping available, we're able to spend the day doing a variety of things.  I would absolutely love to live here once we graduate, but it's a matter of Erik finding an engineering job which could be difficult.  I can take my work with me wherever I go and work any part time job I can find, but he really needs to have a job in his field.  Fingers are crossed though!

Just so everyone is aware, pictures won't be up until we get home.  We forgot to bring the laptop with the SD slot..oops.  Hope it's a good hump day!


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