Wednesday, March 30, 2011

French Inspiration

The last few weeks I have been entirely obsessed with everything French.  French books, French decor, French food, French music... the list goes on and on.  There is something classy and elegant about French culture (if not perhaps a tad uppity, no offense to those who may be French).  French "vibes" just make me happy.  It may be that I love movies such as "Julie and Julia" and "Chocolat" who give a romantic, charming feel to the French life.  Maybe in reality this isn't the case, but the France in my head most certainly is. 

In celebration of my current life inspiration, I wanted to share some beautiful French inspired home decor.

I think my favorite thing about the decor is an "aged elegance."  Most pieces look as though they are at least 100 years old, but there is a certain beauty about that.  While much of Western culture tends to go for the new, hip and modern, the French design seems more used in a glamorous and easy way.  I also love the use of colors.

What country/culture/style inspires your decor and/or creativity?


  1. I love the french style, its very homey feeling. I got to decorate our house when we built so I was spoiled. Every room is different so it has a different feel. We have a Victorian guest bedroom, a cabin feel guest bedroom, a castle like library, a whimsical office and an Irish pub bar area with the main open area tying them all together. Sorry I forgot the email, you can get me the recipe at :) Thanks, I am looking forward to it!! Hope you are having a great week so far.

  2. Thrift store chic. *lol* If I had a theme, I would want. It would be Northwoods. The pine trees and water and so on.
    I do have one room that is all girly and pink for a guest room.
    If you like the French look, here is a gal who just redid her bathroom. All her projects are elegant looking, but cheap to make. Scroll down to see her series on her French inspired bathroom:

    Coupon Queen's house is amazing. I want her to adopt me and let me live there. Alas, my husband thinks I need to live with him.

  3. Hi Alexis,
    Just got your sweet comment on my bathroom makeover - Thanks! Came over here to check out your blog -having fun looking around!
    I like the French look for the same reasons -- and especially the aged look. While "new" has it's place - "old" has personality/character that the new will never have till it reaches "old!"

  4. Me too, I love anything French and Vintage. I have been obsessed with everything French for a while now. I love the decor, the style, those are beautiful pics.


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