Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I'm an Auntie--Many times over!

On February 25th at 10:50pm, Autumn Rayn Jeffers was born to Alan and Brittany Jeffers, my little sister and her husband.  At 6lbs 11oz, she was a small bundle of joy who has already brought a whole lot of happiness to her immediate and extended family.

I'm incredibly excited to be the proud Auntie of my first niece.  I've already had two nephews (one biological and one "adopted") and completely enjoy playing the aunt role.  It's fun to enjoy holding babies and making them cute little baby things for those new, cute little babies.  In fact, yesterday when I should have been resting I chose to make baby blankets!  I used a simple pattern I found at Abmatic.

This one is for Luke, the new big brother.  I thought that he might want something new too :).

This is for Autumn.  Brittany didn't want too much pink for her, so I thought this was a good in-between.

I also pulled out some of my scrapbooking paper and the stamps my Grandma gave me a while ago and made a few cute little cards.  Clearly I got really bored.  It's so difficult for me to sit still for days on end!


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