Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Today's prompt: Write about a time you recovered from something...or recovered something.

Almost exactly a year ago, I was admitted to the hospital for emergency surgery.  Over the course of a few days I had grown an abscess the size of a softball on my lower abdomen that had attached to a lymph node, but it wasn't positive that's what it was until they got in there to take it out.  It caused a terrible infection, I was in a lot of pain and was just all around miserable.  I spent a few days in the hospital and was sent home.

It is surprising to me how many people undergo surgery when it isn't essential.  This experience was one of the most frightening and the recovery was quite long.  Not only does it affect you physically, but being on so many pain medications and your body trying to mend itself quickly seems to add a lot of emotional strain.  I did not feel myself for at least a month, and this was considered a fairly routine surgery.

However, Erik was the most wonderful person throughout all of this.  Because the abscess had to drain, they left the wound open and it had to be packed with gauze everyday.  We hadn't been together long, but he stepped up to the challenge of doctoring me (as disgusting as that nasty gaping wound was).  That was when I knew how great he was.

So while surgery may be a terrible experience, it does have it's bright moments.


Today's Prompt: Come up with a mathematical formula to express something you know/believe.

December - Finals = A wonderful month

It has been a very long, intense semester.  I am not (or thought I wasn't) a Science buff, but changed my major to a "soft science."  I took on Anatomy and Chemistry along with two food/nutrition classes and (thankfully) one very nice Human Development class which consists mainly of in class assignments and take-home tests.  I am up to my ears in the cells, tissues, chemical equations and the chemical make-up of proteins, carbohydrates and fats.  

One benefit was the realization that I am capable of doing whatever necessary to learn material.  Nothing is too hard as long as you put the work in.  And boy, have I put work in.  My life has consisted of little else but studying and assignments.  Being social is being at work.  But it has been an excellent lesson in dedication.  I love what I am studying and cannot wait to get out into the work field and change people's lives.

And in exactly two weeks, it will all be over--For a few weeks, at least. 

Saturday, November 27, 2010

I will not be a Christmas crazy-pants. I will not be a Christmas crazy pants. I will not be..

As we are now past the Thanksgiving holiday and moving head-long into Christmas, I have allowed myself to pull out the tree, hang up the lights and start crafting other decorations, cookies and enjoy the peppermint schnapps.

Christmas is a fun time to listen to pretty music and eat way too much.  To enjoy family and friends at various holiday parties.  To love life.

But why in the world is it now?  Why do we put so much into the Christmas holiday?  Money, time, effort, even emotions are put into this holiday bank and we often end up depositing way more than we have.  The goal is usually to enjoy ourselves and spend time with people we care about, but in the end we can end up feeling more empty, stressed out and lonely than we did in the beginning.

What we must remember is to celebrate in simplicity.  Do so within your means.  I am no Scrooge.  I enjoy Christmas as much as the next person.  But it is so important to really treasure each and every moment you spend during the holiday season.  We must remind ourselves of the real reasons we do what we do and learn how to make it more meaningful instead of just about stuff.  Paring down the activities, the shopping and cooking will not be the end of the world.  Your friends will not hate you for giving them a handmade card with a special recipe inside.  It truly is the thought that counts.

As cliche as it sounds, remember the spirit of Christmas.

Friday, November 26, 2010


Today's prompt: Turkey

What exactly does a vegetarian do for Thanksgiving (or any holiday, for that matter)?  I refuse to give in to this Tofurkey business.  If you're going to have a pretend turkey, just go ahead and eat the real one.  I cannot even imagine the taste of that tofu-based fake poultry.  No thanks.

I like to dig in to squash, mashed potatoes, stuffing and cranberry sauce.  Pretty much absolutely everything but turkey.  While some may find this a mortal sin, I certainly do not miss the gigantic bird.  Waking up at 5a.m. to get that darn thing in the oven doesn't fit with my sleep schedule.  It's a holiday.  Sleep should not be interrupted by early morning cooking.

And to be honest, I never cared for the taste anyway.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Another odd holiday

I have experienced some interesting holidays, to say the least.  When my family moved to Twin Falls, we were destined to enjoy most festivities on our own.  For Thanksgiving, however, we did choose to make the trek back to Washington.  What an adventure that was.  On the drive back we experienced freezing fog, freezing roads and a whole lot of snow.  Eventually we stopped 1.5 hours from home to wait the storm out until morning.

There have been several Christmases on my own, a birthday abroad and several exciting New Years adventures (without regards to the one very intense Halloween).  So this year when the Pacific Northwest was hit with a lovely snowstorm, I shouldn't have been the least bit surprised.  Erik and I have stayed home, celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday on our own with a visit or two with a few friends.

I am most thankful that I am not alone.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Today's Prompt:  What is the last thing (or one of the last things) you searched for on the Internet?

The weather is miserable.  It is currently 1 degree Farenheit, there are large icicles hanging from the roof and a good foot of snow is covering the ground.  Our plan was to head to Idaho Falls, but that plan was foiled when the storm hit.  I still had hopes of making it.

What have I been searching for on the Internet?  The road closure reports.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Today's Prompt:  Complete this thought: Today I hope...

Today I hope I can thoroughly enjoy this break.

I have stress issues.  I stress and worry when I have too much to do and I stress when I have nothing to do.  I worry about absolutely everything, even when nothing exists.  I look ahead days, weeks, months, years.  Then I stress about what is in those future days.

Today I spent the day lounging about, watching movies and eating far too much rich food.  Now I am worried it will add to my body mass, that I should be exercising, that there is homework to start thinking about.  I have moved my thoughts ahead about one week and realize the break is going by rather fast and soon it will be over.

I must be present.  I need to be here, in this exact moment, right now.


Today's prompt:  What do you love doing that you would like to get paid for?

Over the summer, I had no job.  It was stressful due to bills that needed to get paid for and no money to pay them.  However, I took this time to get things in order.  I spent a lot of time working on my resume, getting a budget together for the next school year and researching all sorts of things.  Having the ability to spend four or more hours per day doing "office work" for my life was fantastic.

Not only is the organizational work something I enjoy, but also using several hours to focus on meditation, reading and simply living life fully is incredibly fulfilling.  If I could do all these things and more and receive payment, I would be pleased.

This brings up a point that I find important.  Would I be happier living in the jungles of South America, with no money?  Is it possible to live at all without finances?  Or would you always feel as though you needed to be working?


Sunday, November 21, 2010


Today's prompt:  Write about an area in which you do not want to be frugal.

Clothes are my downfall.  I constantly feel as though I have nothing to wear, even while the bulging closet is telling me otherwise.  I like to have options and easily tire of what I already have, which says a lot for my lack of contentment.  I don't want to have to be frugal with the amount of clothes I buy.  I could find something new to purchase at least every day.

But here is the issue.  Those clothes are often produced in factories with underpaid laborers.  It adds to the "stuff" we have in the world.  It's giving into this consumerist society.  So while the very selfish, uncaring side of me wants clothes up to my ears, the other half wants to fight back.

I have a lot of internal conflict.


Since I didn't make it to blogging yesterday, you get two blogs in one day!

Today's prompt: What would  you do for a Klondike bar?

Here is the thing.  I have never actually experienced the supposed greatness of a Klondike bar.  But I sure have experienced the advertisements and catchy jingle that usually accompanies said advertisements.

I think the fact that the slogan for Klondike is a writing prompt says a lot for the amount of control the media has in our society.  To assume that every person has heard that little jingle (which is likely 99% accurate) means that we are all up to our ears in advertisements.  There is no way to escape.  And it is to our detriment.

What would life be like without it?

Friday, November 19, 2010


Today's Prompt: Write a brief bit of fiction using the prompt "Glove."

She stared out the window.  Delicate flakes were falling ever so gracefully, landing in various places on the lawn.  As  she turned away, she felt a sting.  The bite of winter was settling in.

It isn't as though she completely despised the season.  No, that definitely wasn't it.  The beauty of the frost upon every blade of grass, the snow covering the branches, it was all like an enchanted fairy land.  The problem was the length.  The chill.  The everlasting death that came after the fairy land.

The bright red wool was the only light some days.  Those worn out, ratty gloves that she spent so many long hours knitting.  Crafts are not exactly her strong point, but gloves were a necessity during the cold season and she needed something to do.  

Those gloves are the only thing keeping her warm.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Today's prompt: What is the dead leaf thinking as it falls to the ground?

Leaves are a incredible.  They provide such beauty simply with their color.  As the weather turns, their color becomes even more beautiful and dramatic.  But as they fall to the ground, what in the world would it be thinking?

Well, if this leaf is dead, it probably wouldn't be thinking anything.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Today's prompt:  How are you selfish?

When I first read this, I immediately jumped down the road of "to be human is to be selfish."  This has been a common argument of mine, one that I firmly believe in.  There is always a benefit to yourself no matter what you do.  It may be feeding starving orphans in Africa for free, but you will still feel good about it.  You get something out of it.  To be unselfish is to receive nothing, to benefit in no way.  But you can find some sort of gain from anything you may do, be it intrinsic or extrinsic. 

How am I selfish?  I speak far too much.  I am attempting to relate to people but end up going down the road of talking about myself.  I want to help, but end up "gaining" the opportunity to boast about my own misfortunes or successes.  Please understand, I do this unintentionally.  

I am needy.  Poor Erik must pay attention to me constantly while I often forget  he needs attention as well.

I purchase clothing made by children in sweat shops.  My desire for too many material possessions is stronger than my desire to fight the system, to fight for those with little to no rights.

I would rather spend money on a movie than donate it to charity.

The list goes on and on.  We are all selfish.  But admitting to it and trying to move ahead, to move past our selfishness and become a better person; that is also what it means to be a human being.

A New Challenge

This month is one of rejuvination.  October really took a toll on me in every aspect of my life.  Too much school, too many emotions, too much spending and way too much eating.  Now it's time to get back on track.

I've really enjoyed this time of discovery.   Learning how to refigure life so I can actually spend my time living instead of simply trying to keep up is refreshing.  Finding time to take a few moments to breathe, to soak in the beauty of the day and truly enjoy something is an incredible (and challenging) experience.  Not to mention the difficulty of controlling my wallet and caloric intake.

Part of this includes taking moments to do things I want to do but feel I never have time for.  One of those is writing.  So I have taken on a challenge.  Write about a simple prompt each day for the next month.  I hope you enjoy the next 30 days!