Friday, September 9, 2011

Weekend Wedding Projects

Here it is, Friday already.  And exactly six weeks until the wedding!  My family is staying for the weekend and helping get some decorations and other things put together.  I'm previewing some projects we'll be working on.

  I received the flowers for the bouquets/boutonnieres so we'll get those done.  It will look somewhat like this, but with a lot of greenery.

Then these pom-pom vines.  I've been dying to have these for my wedding ever since I saw them almost a year ago.  I've made a little one just to see how it would turn out and it did well!  

And of course, some bunting flags.  I've seen this trend recently and simply could not get away without having some at my own wedding.  

Basically, my wedding theme is outdoor rustic color and fun.  I've been nervous about pulling it all together but I've got the big picture in my brain.  Hopefully it works out that way!    

Monday, September 5, 2011

Such big news!

I have been meaning to post since I returned home from vacation but have been terrible about finding time. Anyway-- I'm getting married! That's right! Erik proposed while on vacation. We hiked to the top of table rock in the Medford, Oregon area and as we were taking a break he brought out a jewelry box with the most beautiful engagement ring inside. I just am beside myself with excitement!

The date is set for October 22nd of this year! So soon, but as college graduation is coming up so soon it seemed like the best time. We are planning it at my grandparents cabin with a rustic/vintage theme. As my projects start coming together, I will be sure to post pictures. Bunting and pom pom vines are on the way!

As school began, construction was happening on our apartment and we decided to move. We have a much larger apartment now with a laundry room included(no more hanging clothes in the living room!). It was a crazy labor day weekend but I'm feeling less overwhelmed by noise and doors getting boarded over ( I will post photos of that ASAP as well). So all in all, things are fabulous here. In all this planning and moving I am reminded to remain thankful for everything.

I hope your new school year/Fall has begun well!