Monday, March 21, 2011

Home again

After a good 2500 miles, a whole lot of ocean and a bit of sunshine, we've made it back home.  It was such a great trip and has rejuvenated both Erik and I, so hopefully we can finish the semester strong.  After a discouraging few months, I'm feeling a little better.  There is no longer snow on the ground and it's finally Spring!  I'm looking forward to more sunshine once the rain clears up.

The first thing I did when I got home was bring out my planner and get my schedule down for the next week.  Not only is most of my laundry strewn across the floor, but there are three birthdays in my family within the next ten days so I have a lot of crafting to do.  I also realized that I absolutely require a library card considering the amount of books I've been reading the past few months.  Some big projects include clearing off our balcony which has been covered in rubbish since we moved in and gathering gardening supplies.  It will be a busy week, but I am so looking forward to it.

Here are some promised pictures from the trip!

Murals in San Franscisco

On the beach

 Inside the One Log Cabin

 This is how we ended the trip--a snowstorm

Tallest Paul Bunyan

The GPS decided we should drive into the ocean

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  1. Still flipping back in your blog-- I have a very similar pic of that Paul Bunyan! A few summers ago, one of my closest friends and I took a road trip/national park tour out west, and that was one place we stopped along the road between two of our destination points. Good times.


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