Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Modcloth: My guilty pleasure

Beautiful clothes almost constantly tempt me.  Ever since I was a little girl I loved putting my outfits together (even if they didn't match) and putting on a dress for absolutely no reason at all.  I continue to have the same attitude about the way I dress and still love to wear dresses whenever the weather permits.

ModCloth is one of my favorite guilty pleasures.  Not once have I purchased anything from there, but I often scan the website for hours.  One of the best parts is the vintage clothing they sell, so if you don't want to purchase brand new items, you don't have to!  Also, Modcloth tries to keep up ethical business practices and do what they can to keep a healthy and sustainable environment.

These beautiful clothes have a sense of elegance and simplicity about them.  I love the popular pastels that seem to be cropping up in clothes this spring.  They're so pretty and timeless.


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