Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Painting party

For me, I tend to spend my Monday's catching up on whatever was neglected over the weekend.  However, this Monday, I painted.  A whole heck of a lot.

This isn't even all of what I was painting yesterday, but it gives you the idea.  That stand and the drawer are what the TV sits on, the crate--that's for something in the office that I'll show later.  

Remember that little thing I pulled out of the dumpster?  I haven't quite fixed it, but I at least painted it.  So far, I works out very well even if it is missing two legs (who needs them anyway?).

So that's the extent of my entryway furniture.  I have more plans for the walls, but this is the only thing that will be sitting on the floor.  There just isn't enough space.


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