Sunday, May 13, 2012

Best of the best//3

Regardless of how busy my week was, I still had many opportunities to enjoy lots of awesome things.

Left to right, top to bottom.

1.  On a drive up to North Shore, we saw this beautiful rainbow.  There are lots of rainbows around, but this one was especially vibrant and you could actually seen the entire thing. P.s.--Every time Erik sees a rainbow, he likes to quote this ridiculous viral youtube video

2.  We celebrated Cinco de Mayo with.... a bottle of Stella.  So festive.

3.  For the first time in my life as an adult on my own, I have a for real kitchen table.  Not something pretending to be a table, or a folding table, but an actual solid wood table.  With matching chairs!

4.  It's time to start making my own clothes.  I got this book right before we moved and then it was packed away in a box for months.  It's a beautiful book and I may write a little more on it another time.  I've already got a project planned!

5.  While out working, I was gifted with some freshly picked mangos!  I love mangos :).

6.  Last Sunday we hiked what is often referred to as Mt. Olympus. It was gorgeous and getting to the top peak was rough but so well worth it.

7.  Yesterday, we went for a short climbing outing.  I haven't been for almost two years so I was a little nervous.  It turns out, there are deserty looking places here, too.  For those of you who may have been climbing in Vantage, WA, it looked very similar except that to the left of the picture is the ocean.

8.  Erik sold part of his windsurfing gear yesterday, so we met at Whole Foods, where we don't often go.  Look at all these flowers! And it's not even all of them, just one display.

9.  While we were waiting around at the mall, I found this awesome sign.  Poke is a raw fish dish and very popular.  Erik loves it, and I think he could survive off beer and poke alone :).

Happy Sunday!


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