Friday, May 11, 2012

Some relief

My week has been insane.  Insanely good.  I worked cleaning houses and luxury condos to earn a little extra money for Erik's upcoming birthday (and to help someone out :) ).  I was gone at least 12 hours every day so my house is a mess and I'm tired, but it was good!  

What it did make me realize was how few the moments have been when I've been able to enjoy time spent at home, not stressed out and running all over the place.  The brief stints of unemployment were always riddled with worry over how in the world to pay bills.  With owed money looming overhead, I never enjoyed by non-working moments.  

Now, I devour them.  Spending time taking care of my family and myself--it's what I really love right now.  No longer do I feel like the useless wife who isn't out making money, since after watching the house go to shreds, I realized I do more than I thought.  I work hard to finish my degree strong and know that once I'm done I can hopefully do something else that I love.

What a relief.


  1. I remember watching an interview with Tobey Maguire when he was asked the secret to his 'buff' look in the Spider-Man movies. He paused, smiled a little, and said, "eat right and work out."

    The audience laughed, but I was struck by his earnestness. He spoke simply and true - there are no shortcuts. Doing the right things (with money, fitness, work, relationships...whatever...) reaps it's own rewards.

    Sounds like you're doing the right thing.

  2. :) Isn't it always funny that simplicity itself is most often truth.


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