Friday, May 11, 2012

Our bathroom has needed a little love.  The guest bathroom is great, mostly because it doesn't need a whole lot except some soap.  Everything is just decoration.  But the master bathroom.... we've got the washer and dryer in there which already doesn't look good and all our daily hygiene stuff on the counter so trying to make it look pretty is rough.

I was reading Miss Indie this morning and she showed an awesome way of organizing your bathroom stuff with cake stands and it got me thinking...

I've had these cake stands since our wedding, because I had my sister help me out with making it.  It was a great idea, but now I've had these stands hanging around with nothing to do.  So I covered the inside circles with scrapbooking paper I picked up about a year ago (remember that papering everything stage?), hot glued a thrift store brandy glass between to the two layers, lined it with wedding cake lace and voila! Pretty solution to a clutter problem.

I'm considering a third layer, since I've got one more cake stand left.  Any thoughts on the final result?  

freckled laundry


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