Thursday, April 19, 2012

When accidents make for the best surprises

When Erik and I got engaged, I immediately set out to looking for absolutely everything we would need to pull this thing off.  We had about a 2.5 month engagement (AH!) and had to get everything done as fast as we could.

One thing I really wanted to do was find mis-matched dining ware at thrift stores.  I made some great finds, shopping at Goodwill as often as I could and finding pink/green/blue/red tagged items whenever those were 50% off.  And then I found out the town we lived in at the time did a Plate Project, so we could just borrow mis-matched plates, cups, silverware, napkins... everything.  Amazing, right?

Well I ended up with all these plates and bowls that I had started picking up.  I realized, however, that a lot of these plates are gorgeous and would definitely earn a place in our home.  So I picked through all the ones I liked and re-donated the ones that were leftovers.  

These are my favorite dishes and I have a lot of little plates, which makes eating reasonable servings a tad bit easier.  One other thing I have ended up with a lot of after the wedding (and not so much by accident) is lavender.  So much lavender... 


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