Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Storage eccentricities

As I start putting the office together, I'm trying to find creative ways to make things look just right.  Part of that is storage space.  You know, that thing that always seems to be lacking in an apartment and you can't really do anything about it since you don't own the place?

One thing I've always had a hard time finding a good solution for is my yarn.  Of all the silly things, you may say yourself.  Put it in a basket or a box!  But for some darn reason, that's never been good enough.

I ended up with this cute little birdcage as we were gathering things up for the wedding (it was for cards).  When I was looking at it yesterday, I spotted my pile of yarn and thought to myself "hmmm...."  This is the end result.

You may have noticed that things I've been featuring have our wedding in there some way or another.  One of the big things I found to be important was being able to use all the stuff later.  I will attest that even the bridesmaids dresses have been reused.  Our "theme" (if we really even had one) utilized a lot of colors and elements that I loved so much I would be happy seeing them in my own home. It's been pretty neat because here and there throughout the whole apartment, I've got stuff either from the ceremony or the reception (like the millions of bunches of lavender).  So as I continue to get our apartment situated and show you pictures of the endeavor, bear with me as I mention some way "this particular thing" ended up at our wedding.


  1. That is a CUTE idea! I love it! I have all my yarn stuffed into a crafting box, which is decidedly dull.

    1. Thanks! I always just had mine in a bin or piled up in a corner and it tended to make a mess.


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