Friday, April 13, 2012

Week in Review

It seems like I just wrote last week's week in review, but here we are again.  Goodness, I can't get over how time flies!

1.  One of my best friends sent me this awesome card!  Neither one of us feel too good about skinny jeans, so it was a little inside joke.  I sure do love cards and letters!  I've been trying to send them out more since I have some more time on my hands.

2.  MY TOMATOES ARE RIPENING!!  You can just barely see it but this little tomato is turning orange.  There are so many bunches of tomatoes on my little plant but none of them had started to ripen yet so I was getting worried.  But lo and behold, today when I was out watering there was some color.

3.  Last nights dinner was super yummy, and very pretty (and on a plate!).  We had grilled baby bok choy, tamari marinated tofu and a tomato feta salad.  I got the idea for the bok choy when we were on our honeymoon.  Maho Bay camps have a restaurant that provide lots of vegetarian food (that is actually good and veggie heavy). One night there was an asian vegetable plate and a grilled half of baby bok choy was on there.  It's super yummy.

4.  Now that things are unpacked, I get to have my french press and coffee mug back!  Erik took our little french press to keep at work, so I got the big guy.  I'm not so good at making coffee in this one though, as you can see by the light color.

Hoping you all have an awesome Friday!


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