Wednesday, April 11, 2012


My goodness, it's already Wednesday and I haven't posted anything.  Time to remedy that.

This week has been the unpack-and-find-a-home-for-it week.  Isn't it amazing how much random stuff can accumulate?  Those darn things you have such a hard time finding a home for because it's category is "miscellaneous."  It's becomes a little taxing, but I think I've made it through the worst of it. 

The whole ordeal has led me to find organization blogs, tips and photos.  I have to find just a little guidance to get me going in the right direction!  There are a lot of weeds to go through, but these two were my favorites.  

iheartorganizing was my first stop.  I had come across a really great cupboard organization photo and had to look around some more.  Everything looks so fabulous and inspires me to get my things in order.

Chaos to Order has a short entry on dealing with all those various items in your closet (which always seems to be the spot for them).  Photos and all!

How do you deal with organization and clutter?


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