Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sister Bonding

Yesterday I receive a text from my dad that asks about my 14 year old sister, Olivia visiting for the week.  It's currently her spring break and she decided she wanted to spend it with me!  Aw :).  So they drove up last night and now we're finding fun girly things to do.  Right now, that includes taking clothes to the consignment store and getting a haircut, among other various errands I had to run today.

While on the topic of consignment stores, I'd like to recommend to people who don't really want to sell their old clothes through Ebay due to not enough time or energy, take it into a consignment store before the Goodwill.  For those who are trying to keep their finances in check, this is a great option for getting rid of the cluttered clothes.  Those clothes cost you quite a bit of money initially, so just tossing them isn't such a great plan.  While donating is an excellent option (and believe me, the consignment store will not take everything.  They only took a few of my items), you can still make a few bucks and donate at the same time.  Just donate the rest that they won't take!

Once your closet is cleaned out DO NOT BRING OTHER CLUTTER IN!  It's tempting to see all the room and decide to fill it up again.  But unless it's something that looks incredible on you, don't buy it.  You don't want more clothes that you only half like.  Find clothes that make you feel and look amazing.

And that's my little piece of advice on closet cleaning, since I've been going at it for the last week.  Have a wonderful day!


  1. Going through my closets is part of my Spring cleaning that I really need to get done, if the snow would finally melt it may put me in more of the mood to actually do something like that! :) Have fun with your sister!!

  2. I'm glad Olivia gets to visit her big sister for the week! My closet advice: When I buy new things, the same number of items has to be purged. It doesn't have to be the same type of clothes. Simply, "Four new things? Four things have to go." This way, I don't end up with overstuffed drawers or closets, and it also forces me to think twice before I buy something I feel I 'need'.


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