Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Four Fill-In

It's finally Friday!!  And as I'm skipping my Organic Chemistry class today (I missed my alarm and Statistics was cancelled), I'm now spending my time filling out the Friday Four Fun Fill-In from FeelinBeachie

1. If I don’t drink water in the morning, my day feels off.  If I forget to get a drink of water first thing before I leave the house, sometimes I'll forget any other water until early afternoon if I didn't bring my water bottle to school or work.  It's really terrible, so this is one thing I really try to remember.

2. When someone walks into my house for the first time, they usually comment on how cute it is. For those of you who don't know, I live in a hobbit hole.  It was built the year before Idaho became a state, so everything is pretty short and while the real estate agents list it as a one bedroom, it really is a studio as the bedroom has no door.  So "cute" is the only way to describe my home. 

3. Every time I see the movie, ______, I cry.  There is no movie that I will repetitiously cry to.  Grey's Anatomy, however, was one TV show I would always cry through.

4. My feet feel best when they are doing absolutely nothing.  On the couch resting is usually the best.


  1. I'm with you on Grey's...last nights was a real tear-jerker.

  2. You know, I tried to like it but I could not get past the Glee theme. I was not looking for "Grey's Anatomy; The Broadway Musical."

  3. I end up drinking water all day long, but never in the morning... Your house sounds very cute!


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