Friday, April 15, 2011

Follow Friday Four Fill-In

Happy Friday!  So far it's been a good one, despite the chilly rainy weather.  I'm looking forward to the weekend but still trying to enjoy today.
Here is the Follow Friday Fill-In from Feeling Beachie
This week’s statements

1. Despite the fact that I should know better, I still always _______________

2. I _____ when I am worried

3. I always forget__________

4. ___________________is the best!

1.  Despite the fact that I should know better, I still always want to buy a pants size smaller than what looks good.  It's so hard to accept the fact that perhaps I need to go up a size, regardless of all the information that states how unimportant size really is, considering the varying sizes in the clothing industry.

2.  I cry, lay in bed and watch TV dramas when I am worried.  Pretty much I just have an entire meltdown and don't really care to function if I don't have to. 

3.  I always forget my keys!!  It's so terrible and I'm always finding myself having to break into my own house.

4.  Erik is the best!  He's been so supportive this last year with all the academic changes I've been doing.  He's always there to help and I really appreciate his love (sorry for the gag fest).



  1. I can never find my keys either!!!I don't buy pants the wrong size, however, I have a difficult getting rid of old pants that are no longer the right size or style....

  2. Oh I have a hard time with the whole size thing myself. I really want to be the same size I was in high school, but I just can't get those jeans over my thighs! Btw, my keys are always missing too. I swear I'm gonna get a beeper to attach to them so I can track them down!


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