Thursday, April 28, 2011

Caring for Yourself

It's been a while, as I've been experiencing a bit of writer's block.  There just hasn't been whole lot going on, nothing inspirational or neat resources I've found.  I think today I actually have something to share.  Please do not take this as judgement, just as thoughts I have had lately.

As I've mentioned before, I currently have a bit of an obsession with French things.  A lot of the books I have read seem to be a little bit more based in the fantasy of France, rather than reality (although, how do I know?  I've never been).  But, one thing I could take away from my reading adventures is the serious self-care French women seem to have.  How many times to we skip moisturizing because we just "don't have time" or chose to let the chipped nail polish stick around?  I am not advocating being "overdone" but I do think it's important to make sure that a woman feels she can take time for herself to get ready in the morning.

In a time when people wander around in their pajamas, it almost seems as though we have lost a sense of

dignity.  We no longer choose to care for ourselves.  I am just as guilty of this as any other.  I spent many days in my sweatpants the first few years at college, usually due to a deep, dark depression.  Lack of care for me meant that I was undergoing a crisis, so I can no longer allow myself to go back otherwise I am admitting defeat once again.  I do not mean that everyone is depressed, nor that we should all be wandering around town in our best dresses on a daily basis.  I do however believe that taking the few extra minutes to apply that moisturizer or take that chipped nail polish off is worth the time.  When we look nice, we feel nice.

What do you do for your morning ritual?  What makes you feel "presentable"?

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  1. If you're looking for some good fiction based around France, you should read "Labyrinth" by Kate Mosse. Amazing. I'm reading the second in the series, "Sepulchre," right now, and it's equally good. I have "Labyrinth" if you ever want to borrow it. :)


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