Thursday, April 7, 2011

Getting into drawers

Well, it's time for another round of detox and rejuvenation.  Out of boredom, I tend to drink a little too much, and then I eat a little too much.  And my time ends  up spent on sitting around instead of doing a round of yoga or other fitness.  I need a break.  So, until the end of the semester alcoholic beverages are off limits.  I'm hoping this will help with my lack of physical fitness and bump up the healthy foods.

Last night I tried my hand at making my own underwear.  That's right, underwear.  I've never had to do elastic before, so that was a little difficult and they're too small but they still look cool!  I'm going to try again and see how it goes next time.  I need to work on installing elastic and making them big enough so I'll keep practicing.  If I can get it down, this will save me a bundle of money and I can make them fit perfectly.  I found a few websites that offered tutorials on making them, so I'll share them with you in case someone else wants to try this out!

Belle and Burger Panty Tutorial
Super Naturale T-shirt Underwear
Hanty Panty Tutorial

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  1. Oh my goodness, those turned out SO CUTE! I love them.


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