Monday, April 18, 2011


I've suddenly found myself making more and more changes towards a frugal, green lifestyle.  I feel like I've gotten to a point where I'm "regressing" due to my current lifestyle change--doing my laundry in the bathtub.

As I mentioned recently, I made my own detergent a few days ago and I bought an indoor drying rack since it's been a very wet Spring.  When I couldn't find any quarters to do a load of laundry, I decided to take a page out of No Impact Man's book and toss the clothes in the tub.  Using 2-3 inches of cold water with a 1/4 cup of detergent I letting the clothes soak and then stomp around with my bare feet in the water to agitate the laundry.  So far I've done two loads, saving $5 already.  And by not using warm water or a dryer, I have made laundry an entirely electricity free chore (not to mention the extra exercise I get).  I'm hoping to get a hold of a washboard to help scrub out the dirt from my socks.

What are you doing to "regress"?


  1. That's pretty impressive! I was just reading about this family who has zero waste ( and I was totally inspired. I haven't actually done anything yet, but I've been thinking about what I can start doing, so that's a positive thing right? lol

  2. Ohhh my grandmother used to do laundry by hand with the old washing board and a mangle (wringer) then she would put the clothes on the line to dry, they smelled so wonderful and I loved the feel of the crisp sheets in the summer when you would get into bed for the first time after they were washed. ahhhhh! You are an inspiration to look for a mangle again this spring, the only problem is they are so very heavy and I don't know if hubby would want to help lug one into the house. ;)

  3. Indoor drying racks are the best. I don't know how we'd have made it through the winter without ours. It was set up in our living room sometimes 5 days a week while we waited for heavy clothes to dry, but it saved us about $70, and it keeps the cat entertained. We call it his "laundry jungle." ^_^


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