Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Beautiful Week

I have given up on marathon training.  Running so much has killed my body (knees and back in particular) so I've decided this isn't something that I can keep doing.  But, with the return of Spring, and my awesome "new" bike, I will get outside and ride around town.  It doesn't appreciate hills, but that will just tone things a little better ;-)

Now I'll have more time to get into a regular yoga practice again, since running was taking up most of my extra time.  I'm really looking forward to school being done soon (only four weeks of actual classes left!) so I can get into a nice routine that doesn't revolve around school schedules.

This is my current read right now.  I'm continuing to try downsizing my life, reducing all the excess clutter and spending more responsibly, which this book emphasizes.  So far I've made it through sorting through my closet and currently have three bags full of clothes that I no longer wear or just don't feel good about wearing.  I don't know why I insist on keeping things around that I don't look good in (or don't feel good in).  I love the "wear 80% of your wardrobe" philosophy presented in the book.  The average woman wears 20% of her wardrobe.  That's so silly!  I have a specific set of clothes that I love to wear and I wear all the time, but there's this entire chunk of clothes that I just don't like at all.  So I'm taking the bags to the local consignment shop and seeing if they want them.   At least I could make a little money from them.  After that, to Goodwill they go!  I do recommend this book to those who need a little more help reducing clutter, organizing their home and ultimately managing their money better.  It isn't your typical boring personal finance book.  It's a good read.

And now, for the most exciting news!  I am a winner this week--TWICE!  I know I've mentioned The Bright Side Project before.  They give away daily prizes from contributors and designers who offer up their products.  To enter, you answer a fun question related to whatever the prize is and the contributor chooses the answer they like best.  And I was actually a chosen one!  This beautiful belt is by Veronica Vartic, an independent Belgian designer who creates unique accessories.

The second most exciting win was this incredible Spanish Steps dress by Shabby Apple. Freckled Laundry, one of my favorite blogs I follow, was doing a giveaway and I was randomly chosen!  I was so excited last night, I was literally dancing around my living room and I kept telling Erik about it all night long.  It made for a very exciting end to my week, that's for sure.  I cannot wait to receive this dress!  I will probably have it forever (as long as I fit into it forever).  This is exactly the style I've looked at whenever I've thought about my wedding (not engaged,  just one of those girls).  So pretty.

And that's my week.  I hope you all are enjoying your Sunday!

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