Friday, March 16, 2012

More mason jars

I know I've mentioned my obsession with keeping glass jars from absolutely everything around.  I go through lots of pickles, so we end up with tons of pickle jars.  When we moved, it was really sad to have to sort through them and keep only the best looking ones.  The rest landed in the recycling center for some other use.  I was slightly heartbroken.

I realized after that experience that I need to find more uses for my jars so I don't feel like they are just taking up much needed cupboard space (which is lacking in our apartment).  I went searching for some projects that would utilize jars and fabric scraps, when this one from FellowFellow really caught my eye.


While the original project is for votives, I was thinking to use them to hold pens, flowers, etc.  Anything to get more color and prettiness into this house, while using up scraps of fabric and all my random jars.


I'll still make some for votives, though.  They're too beautiful not to.

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  1. Oh I love this idea for Mason jars! What a neat way to pretty them up -- they'd be wonderful in my craft room holding all sorts of supplies!


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