Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hair do's

Because I've since moved to a warmer climate and my hair has grown itself out again after the a trip to the chopping block over a year ago, I'm trying to figure out what to do with it all.  Leaving it down simply isn't possible most days, since the humidity gets to it and it turns into a gigantic fuzz ball.

So I went hunting for some good how-to's of different and unique hairstyles.

This first one is courtesy of Ruche, a modern vintage boutique that creates gorgeous lookbooks.  These hairstyles were a few seen in the most recent Enchantment lookbook (which you should check out if you love looking at beautiful anything).  I like how elegant they look, but are perfectly suitable for any day.

Veronika from Tick Tock Vintage, one of my very favorite blogs, put together these great tutorials.  The first one is for a messy bun which I know should be a pretty easy thing to do, but mine look so much better after her instructions.  The second is for a crown french braid, something way more difficult than a messy bun.  I love doing both hairstyles, and it's great to have a little instruction.  She's darling and you should  look over her blog if you get a chance.

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Oh, braided crowns are SO pretty! I used to have my grandmother do them for me all the time, and I can't wait until I have enough hair to do them again.


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