Monday, March 26, 2012

Beach time

Here's a quick little picture of our weekend.  We've been trying to hit the beach at least once a week.  It was a tad chilly for beach weather but we still had fun!

This weekend we finally got a hold of some furniture.  It's been something that kept getting put off since finding a Uhaul store was becoming difficult.  But we buckled down and got it done since I was tired of sitting on the floor.  A lot of it will need to be repainted but I'm totally up for the challenge.  I love painting and I'll do anything to make my house look beautiful :).  Pictures to come!

Blouse: Ruche
Skirt: GAP
Shoes: American Eagle
Purse: Target

This skirt has seen a lot of action since we moved.  It goes with almost everything and since most of my clothes are on a plane somewhere in the United States, I've needed pieces that go well with lots of other pieces.

Once thing about taking pictures of myself all the time--I'm looking so tired!  I guess I need more sleep. 


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