Saturday, February 5, 2011

This last month and half I have found myself in a binge.  A spending binge, an eating binge, a drinking binge.  And I must say, having to look at how I have completely gone above and beyond my budget for the month is terribly embarrassing, even though I am the only one looking at it.

We all know that balance is the best.  That too much of a good thing is no longer "good."  But what is it that brings us to overindulgence time and time again?  Is it our culture?  Is it emotional, mental or physical? It's a painful process to realize what you have done and take on the consequences (6 lbs added and less financial freedom for the next few months).  It's even more painful to realize that you cannot stop.

But I have hope.  I can overcome these obstacles.  It can be done.


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