Friday, February 25, 2011

Some encouragement for dreamers

Throughout my life, I've had visions.  As a young girl, I had a vision for how I wanted to look.  How I could make my hair look better, my face look better, my body look better.  I also envisioned parties.  I constantly planned these get-togethers, seeing them in my head as extravagant ordeals with beautiful decorations like those I would find in the endless piles of party planning books.  My room could look perfect and the functions of daily life would go by smoothly (with the help of elaborate schedules, to do lists and other various charts).

As an adult, I still find myself with incredible visions.  When I moved in to my current apartment, I wanted a certain style, a kind of beauty in simplicity.  As with party books, I was constantly perusing decorating blogs, magazines and books.  But when it came time to bring the home together, it was difficult to transfer this vision into reality.  Going to various stores, I would see fabulous decorations and small elements that could supply detail, but affording it was another story.  Nothing is more frustrating than being unable to follow through with what you see in your mind.

I encourage everyone to figure out ways to get past your "vision blocks" whether it be financial or otherwise.  Sometimes we let our own attitudes get in the way, our feeling of "it will never happen" or "I will fail, no matter what."  This is, as one close friend of mine says, self-destructive speech and must be stopped.  We all have dreams, and visions, ways that we see our life going.  It is only a matter of being willing to put in our work to get there.  Thinking negatively will only set you farther back.

My home is beautiful.  I have been able to delve deeper, to use my creative skills to transform a living space into a place of beauty and love.  It is incredibly challenging to bring it all together at times, but with effort and support, one can move past roadblocks and fully embrace what they want to do.


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