Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Creating Meaning

I have found my hobby.  Crafts.

As a child I loved making things.  Salt dough, paper, cardboard and acrylic paint made up a majority of Christmas gifts year after year.  When I got a little older, I was in 4-H and learned how to do some serious "crafting" such as sewing clothes.  I truly enjoyed going to my aunt or grandma's house to use their stamping supplies.  Since I was no "artist," I had to figure out some other way to enjoy myself.  But as I grew older the time to dedicate to projects dwindled.  My schedule filled with dance classes, school, music and theater.  Clearly those were very valuable experiences as well, but I have always felt something was missing.

And then I got a sewing machine for Christmas.

Erik's mom, Lee Ann, is such a dear and gave me a sewing machine with all the accessories.  My delight could hardly be hidden.  Shortly after Christmas I found a simple project (a yoga mat bag) and headed to the fabric store.  Picking out exactly what I wanted, matching thread to the material and carefully placing it in my basket was like a child in a candy store.  Watching that bag take shape as I sewed the pieces together was an extraordinary experience.  I was making this!

After that project, I have sought out other things, such as a large tote bag and my grandma gave me a gift of several sewing project kits including decorative pillows.   And now I am moving on to things away from the sewing machine, such as hair pins, jewelry and wreaths.  Seeking out all sorts of things I could make on my own makes me feel accomplished.  I am creating.

I am.

My new tote bag.  The fabric is pre-quilted, giving it a Vera Bradley look.

One of my flower hairpins.  I singed the edges of the fabric so it would curl.

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  1. Great job on the handbag, Alexis, I'm so proud of you!


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