Thursday, February 10, 2011

Simple Sacrifices.

I love chips.

Most people who know me have been perfectly aware of this for quite some time.  I am known for eating nearly an entire bag on my own.  I'm not a sweets fiend, but when it comes to the salty, fried goodness of a chip I simply cannot say no.

I was discussing this one day with a co-worker and she said she is starting to feel like she just doesn't need them.  I asked if she just didn't like them and she responded "I don't like the bags they come in."  It kind of threw me for a loop.  While I recycle bottles, paper, and plastics of all kind I had never thought that my chip addiction made for excessive waste.  The bags simply aren't recyclable.

As I eat other foods that are in packaging that don't say they can be recycled, I wonder if it's really worth it.  Is it worth it to have a candy bar?  Is it worth it to buy a box of macaroni and cheese?  Are my cravings that much more important than the needs of others?  Are they more important than the waste I am creating?

Reading "Living More with Less" has made me realize; Life is full of many small decisions that are very important.  We cannot live simply without having to make all these small decisions.  Choosing the car to drive five minutes to a store that I could just as easily walk to.  Not purchasing tomatoes until they are in season locally so I'm not contributing to the extra fuel it took to get them here.  And not eating chips.

Many small sacrifices I hadn't even thought of.


  1. I was thinking this same thing this evening! I bought a new desk, and when we took it out of the cardboard box, every single piece of it was wrapped in plastic that cannot be recycled. It really bothers me now to buy anything that comes in excessive or non-recyclable packaging.

    Plus, thinking that way is a good way to cut back on those darn chips. ;)

  2. Yep, that's how I felt when I was ordering Christmas gifts. I was a terrible local shopper this year and then all the packaging made it even worse.

    And you're right... maybe this is the only way to get rid of them!


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