Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Goodwill: A safer place

I recently made a trip to Goodwill in search of a belt.  I should have known I would be there for more than just a belt..

Because of the WSU and UI campuses, we have an amazing selection at our Goodwill.  Many clothes still come in with the original tags!  It's incredible the things that people toss aside, no longer caring to keep because they have grown tired of it.  I end up doing the same, going through my own clothes and finding that I don't ever wear a certain shirt, so I'll give it away.

While reading through the blogs I follow, I found a post on Eco Friendly Fashion about a video called "The Story of Stuff".  It spent roughly 20 minutes describing the entire process of creating consumer goods.  Ouch.  I feel as though I have completely bought in to all the schemes used by large corporations.  It was a little discouraging to watch how I contribute to the system.

But there is hope.  Places like Goodwill, Salvation Army and other thrift stores are excellent places to get started.  I encourage everyone to do their clothes shopping at thrift stores simply because of low environmental impact.  It doesn't make a whole lot of sense to continue buying brand new items when you can just as easily make a responsible purchase.  Of course, underwear and socks are good to buy new.  But when you like "new" clothes as much as I do, used is the way to go.  You can also find cookwear, dishes, books, decorations..the list is endless.

Not only is it eco-friendly, it's a budget helper.


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