Friday, February 18, 2011

I probably should unplug the glue gun once in a while..

I've been putting off homework with some new projects.  There's a lot of variety with them, as I've just been exploding with creativity lately.

I absolutely love making different soaps and bath soaks.  But the best part is decorating the recycled jars with old magazine photos and fabric craps.

These earrings are probably my new favorites.  They're perfect, simple and very pretty.  And they basically go with anything.

And... My new hair clips.  I did a little more detail on the edges this time, giving it a very "real" feel and then did some contrasting fabrics.

The only bad part about all these new things is that sometimes I forget to turn the glue gun off or unplug the sewing machine.  Today I came home and realized that my glue gun had been plugged in and automatically on for probably two days.  Yikes!  Talk about a potential burn down--not to mention a huge energy waster.  And I was just congratulating myself on keeping the heater off for the last few days..


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