Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Blue is the new black

Finally, I am completely out of the old apartment.

12 days later.

So now it's on to getting a place for everything in this new space.  And trying to paint everything blue and white.

I'm interested in making some paper garlands for some spaces on the walls, like in the entryway along the arch.  Here are a few I've found for some inspiration.

This delightful garland from Creature Comforts is fantastic and would match the color scheme of my decor ideas.  And I have so much newspaper lying around (and books I can tear up from the recycling center) that it would be a cinch to create without wasting.

And then there is this one from Pam Garrison using coffee filters in various colors.  I love the floaty-ness.  And if I changed that little dash of pink to a blue that matches my paint, it would be perfect.  So pretty.  Not to mention all those coffee filters I have in my cupboard that no longer get used since I'm a French Press coffee drinker now.

And finally, what to do with all those elements that simply do not match what I want?  I don't want to just toss them, but we've collected all these random items for the walls.  I can always re-paint things like candle holders and the black furniture, but paintings and posters aren't so easily changed.  Hmm.  Decisions, decisions..


  1. I love the feel old books give items like this! I've recently "re-discovered" newsprint items and really want to make something with them myself!
    BTW - thanks for your sweet comment on my blog -- really made my day!

  2. What a cool idea, I love the coffee filter idea, it seems more ethereal. I have seen some fun ideas using old windows. Not sure if you take pictures but using an old window for a frame give the illusion of looking outdoors, you could do a winter picture in the summer and a summer one in the winter. Hope you had a great long weekend!! :)

  3. My favorite color is blue, well that and green... :) Thanks so much for visiting my blog, I am loving yours!


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