Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I always forget what happens after a relaxing vacation.


I came home all ready for conquering the world.  I cleaned up the new place and finally had most of the stuff in order.  I clean the old one today and get everything completely out of there.  But as I was checking my grades for my newest Buddhism paper, it was a big slap in the face.  60%.  The lowest D.

I'm not attempting to brag, but in all classes my papers receive nothing but A's.  So with this grade added to the 67% I received on my first Biochemistry test, I pretty much feel like a big pile of poo.

But, I refuse to let it get to me much more.  I will go home, scrub down the old place and say goodbye.  Then I will buy a sage stick and get rid of all negative energy.  And move on.

If only I wasn't so tired from waking up extra early...


  1. Aww. I know that feeling. I never took too well to the very occasional poor grade. I'm sure you'll pick right back up and do great!

    And thank you for your wonderful comment on my last post!! You are SOO right!

  2. I get down when I get a lower than expected mark, too. I don't know how the students who just expect a pass can manage by scraping by each assignment. But, we probably expect too much of ourselves. I'm not looking forward to getting back my next assignment because I feel like I didn't do so well. Hope things improve for you. At least you've got a good attitude.

  3. Ah, sorry to hear that. Maybe it's the extra push you needed to get back to reality after vacation...nothing says reality quite like the fact that we are all capable of failing.

    But if you've gotten all A's and just this one D I wouldn't worry too much. C's make degrees. :)

  4. Thank you everyone for your encouragement. I have more opportunities this week for improvement and so far, so good :).


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