Friday, June 10, 2011

Covering Up.

As a girl who grew up with a fairly conservative background when it came to clothing, I never quite got used to wearing a bikini when swimming.  My parents never let me wear one so as soon as I moved out of their home I purchased one.  Delightful as I thought it was, I felt utterly naked.  But with all the advertisements containing nothing but cute and sexy bikini tops and bottoms and frumpy one pieces, I certainly was not going back to the old ways.

Now I have admitted to myself that I don't care for being nearly naked in front of total strangers.  In fact, I would probably feel better about wearing nothing at all than wearing these little patches of fabric attached to strings.  Not to mention my lack of confidence.  My rear never does seem to get to a point of firmness and the cellulite doesn't leave completely regardless of lunges, so I end up wearing shorts over the bikini bottom anyway.

So in search of new swimsuits, I have run across Shabby Apple's collection of swimwear.  Remember that dress I won?  Well they make swimsuits too!  It is incredible.  All are so beautiful and elegant, but most are nowhere near string bikini status.

This one is beautiful.  I am a huge fan of olive colored anything.  And that bow is fantastic!

And you can even wear pearls with these!  My favorite :).

I think it's a good reminder that as women, we do not need to look sleazy in order to be noticed or fit in.  In fact, one can look far better if one presents one's self as a classy lady instead of Victoria's Secret model.


  1. Those are GORGEOUS! I'll have to go look at the site and see if they make anything that will fit my boobage. They tend to conquer every single swimsuit we try. =P

  2. I agree with you 100%. Both suits are beautiful but I especially adore the wine colored suit. The ruffles are so pretty but might draw attention to my tush. The world does not need that. No ma'am. lol! Anyhow, thank you so much for your sweet comment on my lavender window. Made me smile. :)

  3. lovely suits! beach season is definitely a challenge every year, i love that people are making one-pieces that can make you feel just as confident and beautiful!



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