Friday, May 27, 2011

It's a birthday weekend!

It's Erik's 22nd birthday today.  Happy Birthday!  Uploader isn't working right now, but I'll post pictures of the cake when it works :).

Last year we were crawling in the bushes... (way too much for a 21 run).

I will be in the woods.

And experiencing Folk Life Festival in Seattle, Wa.  I havent been for 18 years and am looking forward to going with my family.  Again.  My little brothers are about the same age I and my sister were when we went.

Not to mention, a break.  While I got a terrible grade on my first biochemistry test, I refuse to work on anything this weekend.  It shall be fantastic.

Have a lovely memorial day weekend!

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  1. I hope Erik had a great birthday!!! And that you both had a wonderful memorial day!


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