Thursday, July 26, 2012

Perfection Overload

I've noticed a trend lately. 

People are feeling an information overload.

Not just there's-too-much-stuff-to-know-on-wikipedia information overload.  More like a photo overload.  With websites like Pinterest and apps like Instagram, we get to see photos of beautiful people, crafts, homes and food.  And it seems as though there is no way to compete.  All these perfect photos of perfect ideas that I certainly didn't create myself.  It leaves one feeling a little inadequate at times.

And it's not just me.  HelloGiggles recently posted an article about how Instagram often shows the most perfect side of someone's life and not reality.  You shoot the best picture of the prettiest things you can find in your life.  That perfectly plated dinner of yours, your cute cat, etc.  Mrs. Priss, a crafter and motherhood blogger, posted just a few weeks ago about her frustration with Pinterest, as it shows how so many others are doing the exact same--only better.  Beautiful photos, which quite frankly I cannot achieve with my point-and-shoot no matter how hard I try, are all over the place.  Creativity is so easily showcased that nothing feels original.  

We don't feel original.  

So what to do?  How do we deal with this vast amount of public display of perfection?  Perhaps, remind ourselves that these are the most perfect aspects of a persons life.  This isn't what reality looks like.  They have messy kitchens, bad outfit and bad hair days (at least once in a while).  Perhaps, remind ourselves why we do the things we love.  It's not all about taking the best photo, or coming up with the next best thing since a mustache on a stick.  It's about stepping back, doing what you love and enjoying the beauty and creativity of life.  And pictures.

Because in the end, as Mr. Miyagi would say, "Someone always know more." That's just the way it is.  


  1. Interesting post.
    I really relate to the instagram point, people's lives look incredibly interesting on there. But when you analyse it, these amazing pictures aren't from every second -they're short moments spaced out between days.
    I'm sitting here in my pjs for the record :P

    The Lovelorn

  2. I know I sure feel info overload!


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