Friday, July 6, 2012

Food Reviews // Phuket Thai

I'm a sucker for thai food.  It's the coziest comfort food, all that curry any yumminess.  So when it was overcast and a little sprinkly yesterday, it seemed like a good day for it (especially after getting rained on at the beach).

Phuket Thai is super vegetarian friendly.  The menu has an entire section just for vegetarians, and they seemed incredibly helpful.  I got the green curry, which was absolutely delicious.  We also opted for spring rolls, which are always tasty.  One thing to note, dishes are not automatically served with rice so you need to be sure to take them up on the rice offer when they ask.  It's only $1.95 so no big deal.  This is how it is pretty much anywhere I have been on Oahu.

Spring rolls.  Or should I say.... big pile of lettuce?  I promise there are six spring rolls on the other side.

Not the best photo (thanks Erik..) but hey.  I'm enjoying my food.

Green curry tofu

Now that I've put myself in the thai mood all over again, I think I'll go eat some leftovers.

Happy Friday!


  1. ...I can't get over the fact that it's called Phuket Thai.

    I'll stop being immature all over your comments now. XD

  2. Every time we went to the square where this place was, Erik and I commented on it :-D.


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