Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Best of the best//7//

It's been a while since I've done one of these posts.  I was getting really bad at taking photos, so I am determined to do better!  A few things I've been up to...

(left to right, top to bottom)

1.  A have a surfer/climber husband.  This t-shirt is perfect!

2.  I MADE SOAP!!  I didn't document it very well because it was my first go and I was just making sure I didn't burn myself with lye.  But next time, I'll show you a little better.

3.  There was this chocolate peanut butter brownie recipe that sounded divine, so I had to make them.  So good!  And why not try a glass of red wine with it?

4.  beach time :)

5 and 6.  Hiking Kealia Trail.

7.  I've been drinking more tea lately.  This was a pot of Yogi Bedtime Tea

8.  Remember that embroidery sampler I was working on?  I finished it!  Now to find a matte and frame for it..

9.  While many prices in Hawaii differ from the Mainland, one thing remains the same.  $4.99 20 piece chicken nuggets.

10.  I don't think I'll be purposely flat ironing my eyes anytime soon.

11.  Erik caught his first fish while spearfishing!


  1. Why the sour face on Erik? Beach time in Hawaii is happy time.

    Too bad you can't enter your sampler in the Grant County fair. It's adorable!

    Congrats to Erik for catching a fish with a spear. That's gotta' be hard.

    See you soon~ Aunt Lisa

  2. Erik makes silly faces for almost any photo. This just happened to be his facial expression of choice that day :).

    Thank you! I really enjoyed making that.

    It's definitely more difficult than typical line fishing--I'm pretty proud! :)


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