Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What we're eating this week

I have tried meal planning in the past and I just wasn't very successful at it.  Mostly it was because I was dealing with school and work so my time was much more limited than it is now.  Lately I've noticed that the way I used to shop and cook (buy a variety of produce, grains and proteins and figure it out as the week went along) just wasn't working out.  I found a lot of excuses to not cook and sometimes we would be doing things like eating green beans every day for a week.

So this week, there is a little kitchen reform going on.  I'm actually planning it all out.  I don't plan lunches because those always consist of leftovers.

How do you plan your meals?  Do you plan them or just go with it?


  1. I love meal plans, but like you said, our lives are pretty crazy right now, many nights I don't get home until 8pm. If you keep up with meal plans, please keep posting them! They help me out a lot!
    Also, I've made yogurt before! It was great!

  2. Want to come plan and cook for me, too?

  3. I kind of plan my lunches too, but not that specific. I just think if I'm in the mood of meat, chicken, or fish that week and I do variations of these throughout the week(: Your menu looks pretty good!

  4. I LOVE this idea. I too usually buy veggies and grains and some protein and hope to somehow throw it together, but that leaves me unmotivated (and often I just choose to get some sort of junky takeout instead). I definitely would love to try this out, thanks for being inspiring!
    x Hannah

  5. YUM! Are you sharing recipes to these? We try to plan on Sunday nights, but it often gets away from us. This snowballs overspending at the grocery during the week and often dinner out. Plus, we walk or bike to dinner so that spending time together is special. ;)

    Happy seeing beautiful!

  6. I'm glad you all liked it, thank you for your nice comments!


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