Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Food Reviews // Kona Brewing Company

My husband is a smart dude.  One day, while we were out, he casually mentioned that I should review restaurants in Hawaii.  While I don't consider myself a food critic, I did realize that sometimes it can be challenging to know where you should go for food that will support your food lifestyle choices, especially in a new or vacationing area.

So I'm starting something new.  About once a week or so, I'll do a review of a restaurant on Oahu in the perspective of a vegetarian.  I'm not a professional, but I'll give you my opinions! 

This week:  Kona Brewing Company
Location:  Koko Marina, Honolulu, HI
Price Range:  Appetizers $6-$12
Sandwiches, Pizza's and Entrees $11-$28
Website:  http://konabrewingco.com/

The first thing I want to mention about Kona Brewing Company is that it's a Certified Green Restaurant.  They try to be energy efficient, conserve resources and utilize organic foods.  If you want to learn more about these kinds of restaurants, you can check out this website

When we hit up the restaurant, it was only 3:30pm, but it was Father's Day and we wanted to actually get a seat, as well as hang out.  We had been running errands in the area, and heading home, then coming back, was simply not doable.  So we got an appetizer (of not so appetizer proportions) to start off with.  These nachos are purely vegetarian to start with (not vegan) and pretty darn tasty.  However, they are super huge and very filling, so if you order them and expect to have a drink and dinner, also expect to not really be eating a ton of your entree.


Dinner was a Grilled Portabello Muffuletta and Green Papaya Salad.  Both were excellent!  They also offer a lot of vegetarian pizzas and salads, as well as an Eggplant Lasagna that looks delicious.  The salads were easily vegan friendly, as long as cheese was sure to be left off.  

Overall, I think that Kona Brewing Company is a great place for all vegetarians (and non-vegetarians).  Just about anyone can be happy with the selection.  I did not ask the server what they could do for vegans, but with as catering as they were towards the vegetarian crowd, I hope that they would be able to handle it.  It may be a touristy place, but it's a great spot to grab a good beer and some delicious food.

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  1. Those nachos look delish! And the papaya salad looks intriguing. Sounds like you made a great choice that day. ~ Aunt Lisa


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