Monday, June 25, 2012

Best of the best //6//

Another week gone, and now to start with a new one!  Some awesome moments from last week.

(top to bottom, left to right)

1.  I've started using this monstrosity of a textbook to keep the bedroom door open when I've got all the windows in the apartment opened up.  

2.  Mani/pedi time with a friend!  It was my first pedicure and it was heavenly.

3.  I tried this sparkling almond wine.  Yuck.  Apple juice + sparkles + almond extract = not so good.

4.  Look at this cute 90's family!  I've been digitally sharing some old photos lately.  This one (I think) is from when my dad became officially ordained as a Mennonite pastor.  But I could be wrong. 

5.  Went on a short climbing excursion at Makapu'u.  The view was amazing, but the climbing was a little crowded (like everywhere here).

6.  After nails, we had pho!  I've never had it before, one of those foods I just had not gotten around to trying yet.  Yum!

7.  Look at those denim things on the left... you know what those are?  SHORTS!  I think it may have been three years since I've worn (or owned) a pair.  I'm happy :).

8.  One of the joys of living here is the wildlife.  There was a little white gecko hanging out in the house which is fine by me, he eats the bugs.  But the other morning I came out and this big guy was above our sliding glass door--scared the living daylights out of me.  He's in hiding, or back outside, or somewhere..

9.  That moment when you wake up to realize your nose stud escaped in your sleep from all that tossing and turning.  Not anymore!  Now I have a ring so it can't come out from my violent sleeping habits.

10.   Summery lunch time.  Quinoa salad + blueberries = best lunch this week.

11.  Remember the espresso machine?  It's here!  I'm a fan of iced americanos with a tad bit of cream.  

There you have it, a happy week!  Enjoy whatever you have going on for this upcoming one :)


  1. ah! eureka! finding alternative uses for humungous, thick, heavy textbooks (organic chemistry anyone?) is always brilliant.

  2. Organic chemistry textbooks would probably make the best of door stops :). Thanks!

  3. #4. Yes, you are correct, but I think it was a certificate to pastor within the Mennonite denomination, not an ordination, which is a much more involved process. You all look so cute! ~ Aunt Lisa

  4. I was just in Kauai.. crowded hikes as well.


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