Monday, June 4, 2012

Seven reasons why being sick isn't so bad

I caught some annoying bug on Thursday and just can't seem to shake it.  It's not terribly debilitating, but it certainly doesn't make me want to do much.  

As I was moping around, I started thinking of all the nice bits of being a little under the weather.

1.  There's actually an excuse to watch TV/movies.  All.  Day.  Long.  Usually if I were to do this, I would feel quite terrible about myself and immediately head to the kitchen to do some dishes.

2.  Tea.  Lots and lots of tea.

3.  Sweaters.  Even in Hawaii, I'll find as many reasons as possible to pull out the bundling clothes.

4.  Naps.  Because who doesn't like a good nap?

5.  All that reading you've been putting off.

6.  No housework.  It may pile up, but you have a good reason to let it.  Sorry, but "I have to go feed the feral cats, I can't do the laundry today" just doesn't cut it.

7.  Free back rubs.  Being sickly and mopey does earn some added attention.

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