Sunday, September 9, 2012

Weekend Brunches

I love making brunch.  Since we wake up at 5a.m. on weekdays, a "real" sit-down breakfast doesn't happen and as you've seen from menus I've shared, it's usually yogurt and fruit.  So I save it all up for the weekend, pulling out all the fun breakfast/brunch recipes from my cookbook collection.

Saturday, we had ouefs en coquettes with spinach and red onions.  Just a little ramekin filled with vegetables, topped with an egg and a tablespoon of cream.  Such a delightful bit of breakfast.  This morning, I whipped up a few chocolate crépes, filling them with créme fraîche or lemon curd.  And with everything, always a bit of fruit and endless cups of coffee.

A note on the créme fraîche; did you know you can make it?  I had absolutely no idea, but it seems so silly to say you can't make something at home when obviously someone had, before it was mass produced and sold in supermarkets.  One simply adds a tablespoon of yogurt or cultured buttermilk to every half cup of cream.  Be sure it sets out in 70 degrees or so for 12-24 hours (I allowed mine to sit for 24).  I have never purchased it, so I don't have anything to compare it to, but I thought it turned out quite well.


  1. Wow! This is fancy! Sounds delicious! It's the weekend, and my breakfast this morning still consisted of fruit and yogurt. Yours looks truly delicious!

  2. Everything looks amazing! Maybe I get inspired on my next day off! I'm following your awesome blog! Hope you can check out mine and follow me as well!



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