Monday, September 17, 2012

The Simple Things//Magazine

I discovered a "sneak peak" into The Simple Things magazine over a month ago, bookmarked it, and totally forgot about it because of where it was in my bookmarks. I found it again over the weekend and am so pleased I did.  It sent a sigh of contentedness through my soul. The magazine looks to be so delightful and I'm eager to get a copy myself. 

The style reminds me of why I enjoy all the cookbooks I do. Homemade, Miss Dahl's Voluptuous Delights and La Tartine Gourmande all share a love for the simple joy that is excellent food, special moments and a beautiful cheese plate. And not excellence in the overdone. No,  excellence in a few fresh ingredients, some flowers picked and a well-used, but beautiful tablecloth. 

It is gems like these that I treasure forever, the ones that teach me time and again that simple is the best path to take, the truly beautiful. For one can have the overdone, but is it something you can recreate day after day, to be enjoyed time and again?

Take a moment to peek through this delightful magazine yourself.  Perhaps it will make you sigh, as well.

You can check out The Simple Things blog here


  1. oo, my mum's been reading this, it's lovely! She made the chicken pie from it tonight, very yummy! X

  2. I'm glad to hear from someone who has seen it! I've ordered a copy, but haven't received it yet. It looks so lovely!


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