Thursday, August 16, 2012


For some reason, getting our bedroom together has been extremely difficult.  I can't seem to find what exactly I want for it, and I have an even harder time even imagining what I want.  I tend to move from one idea to the next.  All I do know is that it needs to be a calm and clutter-free area, mostly by request of my dear husband.  Thank goodness he can offer some sort of direction.

But once I came home from my vacation, you might remember that I mentioned getting in a nesting mood, so last weekend Erik and I spent some time in Ross looking for a few things.  Our main goal was to get two nightstands, as we only had one ugly plastic drawer.  The last time we entered Ross, it turned into a frustrating adventure looking for dining area wall art.  However, this time it was a much less frustrating, and actually quite enjoyable, excursion.  Immediately we found these small stands for only $8.99 each!  After setting them up, I think it's already vastly improved.

Also, don't you love this One Line a Day journal?  It's been sitting in my wishlist for months now and finally got it.  I leave it on my nightstand so I can fill it in before I go to bed.  Journaling is something I do sporadically, but I think with such small entries, I can keep at it regularly.

What room do you have the hardest time decorating?


  1. that's so cute- and such a steal! you should totally join pinterest and get some inspiration from there. or have you ever gone on Design Sponge's website? They do brilliant things with ugly flee market furniture. Cheap and pretty, just want you want :)

  2. Very cute nightstand, and I love the lavender! Such a lovely accent.

  3. oh man, I bet its going to smell soooo good in there! :) i love lavender, and its super pretty too!

  4. This looks beautiful! Love the lavender.


  5. Thank you, everyone! I love the lavender, too. I've got some all over the house.

    Marlena--I've been digging through pinterest, I've just have so many problems actually getting a cohesive plan together. But who knows, we might move into the city soon and then not even have a bedroom!


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