Monday, August 13, 2012

A lovely vacation

One thing I always seem to wish for after a trip is having taken more photos.  I don't know why I didn't bring my camera.  My phone was totally out of service during the whole coastal part so I turned it off and off went the only camera I had.  Oops.  Here are a few that my uncle got, as well as some later on in the trip that I took.

One of my brothers and I at the Quinault Big Cedar Tree trail

We all had a great time painting sand dollars

Driving through the Palouse. 

Pines through Snoqualmie

Some delicious eats (veggie eggs benedict) and drinks (rice milk latte)

Saying goodbye at the airport with a few of my siblings.

While I truly enjoyed my time away, I have really started to feel like Oahu is my home, now.  So with that newfound feeling, I've been tackling the never-ending process of making our home homey-er (is that a word?).  Things are getting exciting around here!

Have a happy Monday!


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