Saturday, February 25, 2012

Those birds will get you

Yesterday, my husband took me out for a surprise adventure day.  We took a walk, fed the ducks and geese by river, saw a movie, etc.  It was such a fun day.

Those bird were getting really friendly....  One of the geese demanded food directly in front of him.  If it was anywhere else, he simply wouldn't try to get it.  I'm sure he would have taken the bread out of my hand if I hadn't fed them so quickly.

While in the middle of our day, when I was about to have a complete meltdown from not hearing when we get to leave for Hawaii, he got the call.  This week we're off the mainland!

I'm completely terrified, to be perfectly honest.  Islands are nice for vacation, but I don't know what it will be like to live there.  And fitting in might be difficult, finding friends is always hard...  It's just a scary transition time.

Does anyone have any advice?

Happy Weekend!


  1. Hi Alexis! Beautiful picture. My suggestion would be to search in Yahoo Groups for a group on Oahu that shares your common interests. Maybe they will have gatherings now and then, where you can make new friends. I love you and I will miss you! ~ Aunt Lisa

    1. Thank you! I like this picture too :). I've been doing a little research for groups, but I didn't think about Yahoo Groups. Thank you for the suggestion! I love you too, come visit soon!


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